June 2010-Present: Postdoctoral Research Fellow at the Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics with Dr Mike Garcia / Frank Primini

Research areas:

  • 13 year X-ray transient monitoring survey with Chandra and HST- aim to first period distribution for extra-Galactic X-ray binaries
  • Variability studies of X-ray populations of external galaxies, distinguishing X-ray binaries from background Galaxies via structure function analysis
  • X-ray identification of black hole candidates
  • Correlated X-ray (Chandra) and Radio (EVLA) observations of the M31 supermassive black hole


2001-2009: Postdoctoral research Fellow at the Open University

Research areas:

  • X-ray surveys of nearby spiral galaxies
  • A new method for identifying black holes in X-ray binaries
  • A new breed of black hole X-ray binary that may help explain the mysterious ultraluminous X-ray sources



1997-2001: PhD Student at the University of Birmingham with Dr M.J. Church

My doctoral thesis is titled "Spectral evolution during dipping and flaring of low mass X-ray binaries",  and is comprised of the following work:

  • Spectral evolution during flaring for the low mass X-ray binaries Sco X-1 and 4U 1624-490
  • Evolution of the ~edge on  X-ray binary X1323-619 during dipping
  • The phase distribution of dips in the black hole X-ray binary Cygnus X-1


Current CV